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4 months / 4 continents / 4 golf stories

Fiji – following Vijay Singh’s traces

Fiji is not primary known for it’s golfing culture, yet there is one outstanding man in the game that grew up right here: Vijay Singh. 2004 remains as one oft he greatest achievements in the history of the game. He won nine tournaments in the same year on the US PGA Tour and claimed the World No 1 title of Tiger.

4 months / 4 continents / 4 golf stories

Peru – waiting for Godot

Chicken on stereoids serving the Peruvian hunger of three chicken per person and week, rapidly increasing wealth through copper mines and industrialized fishing creating greed and criminality, traffic chaos where the weak one better stays home, fenced ghost towns where the rich hardly dare to put their feet on the outside, cops gilding their teeth with bribe. Peru has challenges to master in order to make the next step towards welfare.

4 months / 4 continents / 4 golf stories
New Zealand

New Zealand – The bleeding heart of a green keeper

Kiwis are very nice people and at first glance they appear to be quite similar to us. It is the second impression that makes you understand that they actually live on the other side of this globe.

Two Moroccan brothers
leaping from one scissor blade to the other
BUNKER/S UP magazine #1

I met Assis randomly on the souk, a large Maroccan market, in Agadir – a mid-age man with a humble but radiant expression in his face. He was interested in the honey we had bought, so we got into a conversation. My eye caught a glimpse of a golf club logo on his cap, so I asked him about it. His eyes caught fire and proudly he started telling all about his sons playing among the best juniors in the country. He absolutely wanted us to meet them and invited us to a tagine for dinner.


Als das Flugzeug seinen Sinkflug beginnt, durchdringt der schneebedeckte Gipfel des Pico del Teide die Wolken und erzeugt einen eindrucksvollen Kontrast zu den Brauntönen der grössten kanarischen Insel, die eingehüllt im glitzerndem Blau des Atlantischen Ozeans liegt. Seine Höhe von 3’713 m.ü.M. bringt dem Pico del Teide den Titel des höchsten Punktes in Spanien und den des drittgrössten Vulkans der Erde – und er war es, der mir klar machte, wo ich mich befand.

Out of the Bunker into the Rough
by Drew Stevenson
Whiteout Golfing Magazine #2 / 2012

out of the bunker, into the rough… 

You can feel it coming. Subtle as it may be. But the iron grip of summer is starting to give way to a little chill in the evening. Days shortening, ever so slightly, as the season drifts gently towards autumn. Yes, change is in the air, invisible yet perceivable all at the same time. But never fear. Change is change, neither good nor bad, and in terms of golf the ‘Indian Summer’ months of September and October are the best for golfing all round. Unlike the spring, when courses are often recovering from their winter hardships, and your swing needs the cobwebs brushed off it, Autumn provides the culmination of perfect conditions and the peak of your game after a gruelling summer season. A time of rich colours before the pale shades of winter grey and plunging temperatures force a cessation of plastic-bashing hostilities, or a flight to southern climes. Change is constant.

Out of the Bunker into the Rough
by Drew Stevenson
Whiteout Golfing Magazine #1 / 2011

«Golf can best be defined as an endless series of tragedies obscured by the occasional miracle.» Author Unknown

After having traveled the world for over 20 years and visited a hundred-plus countries (and played golf in half of them), you quickly discover it’s the beguiling little cultural differences that are more telling than the larger, more obvious ones.

Cover Story „Whiteout Golfing“ #2 / 2011

Da wir für dieses Travel Issue redaktionellen Inhalt benötigten, konnten wir uns ende April mit gutem gewissen auf den Weg machen und dem einen oder anderen Golfplatz In Europa einen Besuch abstatten. erste Station: Österreich, zweite Station: Teneriffa – und dort entstand auch dieser Covershot.

Cover Story „Whiteout Golfing“ #1 / 2011

Anfragen, bei denen das Bildmaterial im Idealfall bereits schon am Vortag Geliefert sein müsste, sind ja nichts neues. diesmal hat allerdings weniger die deadline Gedrängt, sondern das Wetter.


Denn unmittelbar nachdem dieses Shooting vorbei war, setzte in Mitteleuropa der Winter ein. Leider bekam vom Schneefall eher der Norden Deutschlands ohne Berge etwas ab, aber die Golfsaison war überall auf einen Schlag beendet. Besonderer Dank geht an dieser Stelle an Danny Wilde raus, der nicht nur einen Eimer Bälle aus dem Bunker schlagen durfte, sondern auch noch die super Location beim Münchner Golf Club Straßlach klar gemacht hat. Eine gute Tat am Rande – unser Blitzlichtgewitter hat sich verkehrsberuhigend auf die nahegelegene Strasse ausgewirkt! Sorry liebe Autofahrer für’s Missverständnis.

Photo und Story By Christian Brecheis und hier sein Blog mit immer wieder tollen Geschichten!

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