You’re flipping through the channels looking for something halfway entertaining when all of a sudden you land on a classic golf flick.

It’s nothing to feel bad about; these timeless classics are a guilty pleasure for the golfer in all of us.  So with that said, to help curate your movie experience, we left the clubs in the trunk for a few days and spent some quality couch time with Murray, Sandler, Dangerfield, and Costner in an effort to select you some of the top golf movies of all time.  Here’s a selection:

Dead Solid Perfect

A Gentleman’s Game

The greatest Game ever played

Tin Cup

Caddyshack 1 & 2

The Story of Bagger Vance

Follow the Sun / The Story of Ben Hogan

The Boys of the sunset Ridge

Seven days in Utopia

Back nine’s at cherry Hills

Bobby Jones / Stroke of a Genius