Outstanding Outfit by G/FORE

An jedem Turnier geben wir je 1 (Men/Woman) outstanding outfit Preis raus

Sponsor dieser Wertung ist G/FORE. Mit Sicherheit der führende Golf Handschuhe Produzent mit einer mit sicherheit aufkommenden Kleider Linie. Alleine schon der Fact das „Bubba“ Watson auch in den Klamotten on course ist. Hier ein paar Statements vom Gründer:

Hier ein paar Statements vom Gründer:


I come from a fashion and business background, but golf’s a true passion for me. I love the game because it’s a family sport, a social opportunity, a business tool, and a personal challenge all in one. G/FORE products aren’t designed in a cubicle and tested in a factory; they’re born out of a desire to express myself while playing, and to help inject a little more fun and flair back into the game. I test prototypes myself, putting in countless rounds on the course and hours at the range. When we were first making the gloves, we tweaked everything from the dye method to the stitching on each fingertip until we had a product that I felt was worthy of the game. This detail-obsessed development process still happens with every new product that bears the G/FORE marque.

And though I lead an active, art- and design-fueled lifestyle, I’m a bit of a traditionalist at heart when it comes to golf. I’m a member at a time-honored country club, I wear pants on the course, and I prefer traditional fabrics. So I’ve always wanted G/FORE to be rooted in all the right things. With the modern athlete in mind, we’ve fused a classic aesthetic with modern fabrications and details that make our products uniquely G/FORE.

I hope G/FORE can continue to help golf once again move forward — always with a healthy respect for the past.